One of my new clients was facing tough challenges managing employees across multiple entities in Canada and in the US. There were different payroll systems and processes across each country and entity, and some payroll was done in-house as well. With multiple vendors, different systems, and no standardized process across the organization, payroll was a logistical nightmare.

This is a common scenario for companies that acquire new companies in different locations, so we wanted to identify the main concerns and solve the biggest challenges for their team. They had to work with unions, flexible shifts, and different employment types, so their payroll was more complicated to begin with – not to mention the multiple entities and systems and processes. They had no reporting or consolidation across the organization, so lack of data was also a concern. Using multiple vendors caused communication delays and issues, as well as different payroll processes for each team.

We started with consolidating all of the US and Canadian payroll into one aggregated system using our Paylocity and Blue Marble technology. With a single sign on across both countries and multiple entities in Canada, the data is accessible in real-time. Reporting is now aggregated across both countries, so they can run custom reports when needed and see payroll costs across entities and countries as well. The cloud-based platform also provides a standardized process for running payroll, and any regulation changes are automatically updated within the platform.

They have transformed their payroll from a complicated, multiple system, disparate process to an aggregated and simplified payroll across multiple entities and countries. Their team can easily manage payroll without communication issues or lack of data and ensure compliance across the organization. If this scenario sounds familiar to you and your team, talk to us – we have the global platform and technology to streamline your processes and take the headaches out of your US and global payroll. Click here to learn more