Our October 2021 newsletter discusses what you should know about global payroll contracts, amendments to Indonesian labor code, and US and global payroll challenges.

What you should know about Global Payroll Contracts
Once you have employees across multiple countries, global payroll processing and reporting gets more complicated. Your global payroll provider might ease the burden by managing in-country regulations and deadlines, but do they also make you sign a multi-year contract? Here is what you should know before you sign on the dotted line. READ MORE

Amendments to Indonesian Labor Code
In November 2020, the Indonesian government passed the “Omnibus Law” to enforce new job creation laws. The amendments were aimed to create more investment and job opportunities by simplifying the process of issuing licenses. The new Job Creation Law allows the ease of doing business in Indonesia through streamlined regulations and procedures. LEARN MORE

US and Global Payroll Challenges
Companies find global payroll challenging due to many factors including unique payroll and compliance regulations in each country. When you have employees across multiple countries, the complexity grows. One of our clients was facing challenges managing multiple systems across 5 countries including the US, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. They needed to consolidate systems and integrate their payroll across all countries and currencies. READ MORE