Our August 2021 newsletter discusses upgrading your global payroll, labor and compliance in Mexico, and client success in the UK and EU.

Does your Global Payroll need an Upgrade?
Global payroll is complicated – especially when you have employees across multiple countries and currencies. If your global payroll is running into problems, most likely it is due to managing multiple vendors and systems, lack of data and no access to real-time information, or time zone delays and language barriers when problems come up. It might be time to think about upgrading your payroll. READ MORE

Labor Law and Compliance in Mexico
If you manage employees in Mexico, there are 2 categories of labor law that govern regulations for employers – the Federal Labor Law and Social Security Law. The labor law defines the rules and regulations pertaining to labor courts, labor unions, and labor relations. It also enlists the total wages for specific and general work that may vary according to the economic region. The labor laws in Mexico provide protection to employees. Here are some of the policies to be aware of as an employer in Mexico. LEARN MORE

Client Success in the UK and EU
I recently met with a company that was looking to revitalize their current approach to international payroll. They have operations in Sweden, Ireland, and the UK, but are also expanding into the Netherlands and Czech Republic within the next couple years. They were struggling with international compliance, as they were using local accounting firms in each country and had no visibility into their payroll operations or costs across all countries. READ MORE