Our July newsletter discusses business recovery and global expansion, employment and labor code in Germany, and business interruption in Belarus.

Business Recovery and Global Expansion
As more economies around the world open up and companies bring employees back to the office, global expansion plans that may have been put on hold last year are now taking shape. It can be challenging to know where to start, but here are some key factors to consider when expanding your operations into new countries. READ MORE

Employment and Labor Code in Germany
Global People Strategist
Labor laws are designed to protect the interests of employees obligations, rights and responsibilities. The primary function of labor laws is to provide equal opportunities to all employees, improve employee well-being and mental health, and provide safe working conditions without harassment or discrimination. The labor code in Germany is divided into 2 categories – collective and individual employment law. LEARN MORE

Business Interruption in Belarus
Neima Izadi, Sales Coordinator
Following the August 2020 elections in Belarus, protests began in opposition to the election of Lukashenko, who has been president since 1994. Worker strikes and protest due to the election are impacting the country’s labor and economic outlook. The government has been pushing back against private trade unions and is using violence to quell protests. Will this impact your business operations in Belarus? LEARN MORE