Our June 2021 Newsletter discusses new data protection legislation in China, how digital technologies are transforming labor law, and payroll success in 10 countries.

New Data Protection Legislation in China
Following the guidelines of GDPR in the EU, China has made new updates to the draft of the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL) for processing and transferring personal information across Chinese borders. This new legislation will regulate personal information processing and transfers to regulate entities across borders as well as within China. READ MORE

How Digital Technologies are Transforming Labor Law
Global People Strategist
Technology is changing the way people look at work today. Digital technological advances have led to remarkable flexibility in how, where, and when we work- especially during times like the present when the entire world is going through a global pandemic requiring flexible work policies. COVID-19 has allowed people to set up offices at home and make use of digital live streaming to replace in-office meetings. LEARN MORE

Payroll Success in 10 Countries
Andrew Porter, Regional Sales Executive
Managing payroll and HR for employees across 10 countries is challenging, but when your systems are not working and not working together, it becomes impossible. One of my clients was facing tax filing issues and service concerns with their current payroll provider and had no transparency or integration between HR and their international payroll. Compliance was quickly becoming a major concern for their management team, so it was time to make a change. READ MORE