Our April 2021 newsletter discusses how to fix a broken payroll process, employment benefits around the world, and how furlough changes have impacted UK payroll. Follow us on Twitter @BlueMarblePay to get the latest news and updates on global payroll.

How to Fix a Broken Payroll Process
Managing payroll is not easy – add in a few countries, and payroll gets even more complicated. So many moving parts, time zones, languages, and systems. It’s a juggling act on a good day, but when something goes wrong, it can take months to unravel. If you’re managing global payroll, you know how difficult it can be when a problem comes up. So how can you fix a broken global payroll process? LEARN MORE

Employment Benefits Around the World
Global People Strategist
Around the world, workers are given different rights, benefits, and wages. These range from the right to organize protests and participate in trade unions, to working in safe conditions and overtime pay. This article explores 5 countries that have some of the most generous employment laws for employees, with top global rankings in terms of rights of workers based on their labor conditions and adherence to labor rights. READ MORE

Furlough Changes and the Impact on UK Payroll
The UK government implemented the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme last year to help businesses pay employees who had to reduce working hours or were laid off as a result of the shutdown. This furlough scheme has provided months of relief for workers and their employers during this ongoing crisis. But during the last year, there have been many changes in the percentage of government subsidizes – ranging from 60-80%, and these changes have been implemented with little notice. READ MORE