Our March 2021 Newsletter discusses multi-country payroll compliance, labor laws in Venezuela, and global growth in new markets.

Multi-Country Payroll Compliance
Payroll in every country is challenging, but when you are managing payroll across multiple countries, the complexity grows exponentially. Unique in-country payroll regulations, money movement to settle payroll in multiple currencies – the list goes on. Getting ahead of regulation changes and payroll requirements is the key to ensuring compliance, but that is easier said than done in most cases. How can you keep up? READ MORE

Labor Laws in Venezuela
Global People Strategist
In Venezuela, the labor laws are known as the Organic Law of Labor and Workers. The labor laws provide protection for employers and safeguard employees as well. Here are the latest updates to the Organic Law of Labor and Workers for 2021: LEARN MORE

Global Growth in New Markets
Maggie Baird, Regional Sales Executive
Global growth can be difficult to navigate in new countries or markets. Many times, HR professionals only have expertise in a few countries, and are tasked with ensuring compliance for the entire organization globally. For companies operating in 10+ countries this can be a very challenging task for HR teams. They often tell me “We don’t know what we don’t know.” Every country and market is very different and it can be hard to keep up to date with changes in our current evolving COVID era. READ MORE