Managing a global workforce is complex. From in-country requirements and payroll regulations to statutory benefits and pension schemes, each country has unique challenges that can impact your operations. Companies using an aggregated global payroll platform have an easier time managing payroll across multiple countries, but what about global HR? If you don’t have a global HR system to manage your workforce your operations can quickly get disorganized and at risk for non-compliance in each country.

Data security and visibility are some of the key issues companies face when there is no integrated global platform in place. Without one system of record for employee data, your teams have to manually enter employee details into multiple systems across multiple countries. The opportunity for error and compliance issues grows, and reporting is either manual or nonexistent. As your operations expand into new countries and add more employees, your HR and payroll teams will spend so much time updating multiple systems.

The first step to simplify global operations and reduce in-country compliance issues is to review your global payroll technology. What are the challenges in your process? Are you using different vendors and payroll processes in each country? Do you have access to real-time payroll data and reporting? Identifying any gaps in your global payroll process and software can help determine if you need a new system or if you can integrate a global HRIS system you’re your existing technology.

Using a global payroll system that aggregates data across all countries and has integration capabilities with a global HRIS system allows you to streamline your global workforce management, have one system of record for employee data, and provide aggregated reporting for employees across all countries. Another benefit of integration is enhanced compliance and data security capabilities.

If you are looking for ways to enhance or streamline your global workforce management, we can help. Our cloud-based global payroll technology with aggregated reporting gives you real-time views of your payroll across 100+ countries. You have direct access to our network of in-country experts when questions come up, and a dedicated US-based service team. With our integrated global HRIS powered by Paylocity, you have global HR and payroll in one integrated system, providing seamless workforce management for your teams in the US and across the globe. Click here to learn more