When companies are expanding internationally, it is common to find a local payroll provider to manage employee payroll. But as more countries are added, the complexity grows. Suddenly your team is managing 4 vendors, different processes and capabilities in each country, and it’s more difficult and less scalable as you continue to grow. Sound familiar? My client was facing these challenges and more as they were expanding into new markets, and they needed a change.

The main issues they were struggling with were different systems and functionality in each country, lack of transparency and reporting, poor implementation of payroll in new countries, and compliance. Using multiple systems across countries led to inconsistent reporting, different data sets and formats, and no consolidation of payroll data. There were usability issues in their process due to implementation, and they did not have a dedicated service team to help manage country-specific payroll questions or issues.

By identifying and understanding my client’s challenges, we could develop a plan to get their US and global payroll in a unified, integrated solution and solve their service and usability challenges across 4 countries. Our integration with Paylocity provides US payroll and global HRIS for a truly global platform. Their US payroll data flows into Blue Marble for consolidated reporting across all countries, so they have access to data in real-time on one platform. Our global service model provides a dedicated US-based team and in-country experts in each country to help when questions come up.

As my client continues to expand into new countries, they now have a scalable solution for their US and global employee payroll. They have real-time reporting across all countries and currencies and access to help when they need it. Global payroll can be complicated, but with the right solutions in place it doesn’t have to be. If you are struggling with your global payroll process, talk to our team. We can help with technology, reporting, and service challenges to help you ensure compliance in any country. Click here to learn more