Global operations are challenging for many organizations – especially once you have employees across multiple countries. Unique global payroll and statutory HR requirements in each country to consider, tax filing and deadlines vary, and based on the industry and type of business there can be additional in-country pension and tax regulations. If you are using different systems in each country to manage payroll and HR, compliance becomes more difficult. So how can you simplify operations and ensure compliance for your employees across the world?

As companies expand into new countries, they usually hire local accountants or local payroll providers to manage payroll. This isn’t a bad idea, because you need the in-country expertise to handle the requirements, but as you grow into new countries the number of vendors and systems being used can quickly become unmanageable. Without an integrated payroll and HR system you have no visibility across countries and no way to automate or consolidate reporting.

While it may seem like a daunting task to switch from a local accountant or provider to one system for all your employees, it’s not as difficult as it may sound! Using a cloud-based global payroll platform to aggregate your employee data across all countries is the best way to simplify operations and ensure compliance across the organization. If you have integrated HRIS with your payroll, you have one system of record that connects your HR and payroll data automatically – it’s a game-changer for your global operations.

Blue Marble has taken the challenge out of global operations with our cloud-based payroll platform and customized reporting so you can create reports by country or aggregated across all countries. We have integrated global HRIS with Paylocity, so you have one system of record. Enter employee details once and the data flows seamlessly with a single-sign-on. Talk about easy! Get rid of the disparate systems and processes across countries and simplify your global operations. Click here to learn more