One of my new clients has employees in the US but was faced with a new challenge: one of their employees was relocating to Canada and my client wanted to keep that employee on their team. They did not have any other global employees, so they didn’t know how to begin the process of relocation or how to manage payroll in a new country. They wanted to continue their current employment relationship with this employee, so they came to me for assistance in the process.

With no understanding of Canada payroll or compliance, my client needed help with employer registration as well as payroll for their employee. I brought in our consulting services team to begin the process of a Non-Resident Employer (NRE) formation. Our team provides localized employment agreements and ongoing compliance for HR labor laws in Canada as well as the company formation they need to keep their employee in a new country. As Canada has regional payroll and tax requirements, our consulting team is ensuring compliance with the local regulations and any new labor or payroll requirements.

It is common for companies operating in the US to have challenges with getting started in new countries, or as in this case, relocating just one employee to a new country. There are many company formation options when companies are looking to expand into new countries, but when there is a situation with just one employee and no plans for future expansion it can be difficult to determine the right course of action.

Talking to a global expansion expert is a great way to determine the best path for your company and team – whether you’re thinking of expansion or have employees that would like to live and work abroad. Blue Marble has made it easy for companies to manage employees all over the world, with one platform to manage payroll across 100+ countries and currencies. Our global consulting team can help identify the best ways to expand, help with compliance in each country, and ensure you have the right statutory benefits and HR requirements in place before hiring employees. If you’re just getting started, or need help with a specific challenge, we are here to help. Click here to learn more