Global payroll is complicated – there’s no denying it. Every country has unique regulations, statutory benefits, languages, time zones – the list goes on. With so many factors to consider and so many things that can go wrong, most companies struggle with finding a global payroll process that isn’t stressful or challenging. If you are just starting to unravel the challenges or have already figured out what the problems are in your process, here are some factors to consider and solutions to fix what’s not working.

The first step is determining the biggest challenges for your organization. Have you acquired new companies or started a business in a new country? Does your team have too many manual processes or lack of visibility and data? Looking at your global payroll holistically instead of breaking it into parts is the best way to start solving global payroll challenges.

If your global payroll issues stem from acquiring new businesses or starting operations in a new country, it’s most likely due to using different vendors, systems, and processes in each country. Data is scattered and visibility is not good – sound familiar? Using different systems and vendors makes payroll more complicated because teams often have to use spreadsheets and email to pass data back and forth to in-country providers, there is no aggregated reporting across countries, and communication issues arise with vendors in different time zones. You can’t manage payroll across multiple countries if you can’t view data in real-time and have access to customized, aggregated reporting.

If your global payroll process is divided by country or by business entity, it’s time to look at your process as a whole. The gaps in data or technology will only grow over time – especially as countries make changes each year to payroll regulations. You need a single platform to manage US and global payroll in one place, with aggregated reporting that is customized for your business. It also helps to have a US-based service team that can help in your time zone. When problems come up, you can’t wait weeks to get an answer – you need technology and service working to ensure compliance in every country.

Blue Marble has simplified global payroll and operations with a holistic approach to manage employees across the world. Our cloud-based payroll platform gives you real-time access to payroll across all countries and currencies, aggregated reporting, and a US-based service team to help when questions come up. Get solutions to simplify your global payroll challenges – click here to learn more