How do you expand into new markets, integrate US payroll, and try to fix a disjointed global payroll process at the same time? One of my clients was facing these challenges, using local vendors in 3 different countries, a US payroll provider, and expanding into new countries. With a complicated payroll process that was not working for them, they knew they had to make a change.

After meeting with the client, we identified the need to simplify their US and global payroll with one system of record. Using one platform, they would have the ability to grow the business and add new countries easily into the platform. Consolidating on one platform would solve their multiple vendor and systems challenges they were facing in 3 countries and the US. But expanding into new markets was the next challenge.

As their company was growing, they needed global expansion support in new markets. Business entity and bank account setup, employment contracts and statutory benefits were just the beginning. They also needed HR support, which our team is able to provide through our global consulting services. Having consultants to guide them through the process and integration of their payroll into one platform was a huge win for their team.

We helped this client ensure compliance with both the consolidation of multi-country payroll and the expansion into new markets. They can easily manage employees and have real-time access to payroll across all countries and currencies. Now they have one platform for US and global payroll and one system of record for their employees across the globe with integrated global HRIS. If your team is struggling with multi-country payroll challenges, we can help. Our team can customize our services for what your organization needs. Click here to learn more