No one talks about customer service until you need it and it’s not there. When it comes to global payroll, a delay in getting a question answered could be the difference between paying an employee correctly or causing a compliance issue. What happens when something goes wrong in the payroll process, or you have a compliance question? This is a familiar problem for many companies managing a global workforce.

Service and support are 2 different aspects of the global payroll process. Service is when you have a question or a problem processing your payroll and need someone to help you fix it. Support is when you are looking for help with compliance, in-country changes, or statutory requirement updates. There is nothing worse than not being able to figure out a solution to a problem that can quickly multiply across countries.

If you find yourself struggling with global payroll service and support, start with your payroll vendor. Are they available in your time zone and dedicated to your team? Do you have direct access to in-country providers to discuss tax or payroll questions or changes? With employees all over the world, you need answers quickly before a payroll is processed incorrectly or you could face fines and penalties.

Blue Marble saw a need in the market for dedicated service and in-country support – that is why we developed our hybrid service model that is unique to the industry. We provide a dedicated US-based service team as well as direct access to our in-country partners to help with compliance, tax, and payroll questions. You can avoid the wait and get instant answers to country-specific questions. See why our service and support is miles ahead of the rest – click here to learn more