What happens when your global payroll vendor cancels your service because your employee count is “too small” for them? One of my clients was in the midst of a divestiture from their parent company and facing cancelation from their global payroll vendor at the same time. They needed a global payroll solution for a small number of global employees and wanted to simplify their US payroll as well, since they were using multiple systems in the US for different functions. There was a lack of data, and no insight or integration across the multiple systems and countries.

As we reviewed all of the challenges they were facing, we decided to tackle each problem and determine the best solution. Since integration and reporting were key issues for this client, we were able to offer US and global payroll through the Paylocity/Blue Marble partnership to provide single-sign-on functionality and consolidated reporting across all countries. The next hurdle was service – their current provider had a call center with very unclear global compliance measures in place. Blue Marble has a dedicated US-based project manager for each client, along with direct access to in-country experts in each country to help with compliance questions.

This client was also looking ahead to growth in the future – they didn’t have an option with their current vendor and wanted scalable solutions for US and global payroll. Blue Marble has a global consulting services team that can help them enter new global markets, hire employees, and manage global HR compliance when the need arises. This client can now start planning future growth because their payroll can keep up.

There will always be challenges managing a global workforce, but your payroll and compliance shouldn’t be an obstacle in the way of company growth. Our cloud-based, integrated tools can help you scale your business overseas while ensuring compliance for your global payroll and HR. If you are struggling with multiple vendors, reporting or lack of data, we can help. Talk to our team and simplify your global process in 2022.