As the new year begins, it’s a great time to look at what has been successful over the last year and what can be improved. When it comes to global payroll, there are many pain points that can hinder your global expansion plans and operations. Solving common pain points in your global payroll process can be a great new year’s resolution and improve your organization. Here are some common pain points that many organizations face and how you can solve them in 2022.

Software and Vendor Limitations
If you have employees across multiple countries, you may be facing a common problem in your global payroll process: too many vendors and systems. How did you get there? Most likely it started with global expansion into one country using a local vendor, but as the company expanded into new countries, the process was repeated time and again. Now you have employees in 10 countries and you’re using 10 different vendors and systems. This is a common issue for companies with employees across several countries.

If you have multiple vendors and systems processing your payroll, your payroll reporting is probably not ideal. You may receive different reports and numbers from each vendor, or a lack of data in one country – there is never consistency when you have too many sources for payroll data. If you can’t view payroll in real time across all countries and currencies, it is impossible to keep track of costs, view trends, and identify issues.

Each country has different compliance regulations and payroll requirements that are constantly changing. If your organization is using different vendors and systems in each country, compliance only gets more complicated. There can be significant penalties for non-compliance when it comes to payroll and tax filings, so it’s vital to get compliance under control in every country to avoid audits and fines.

So how can you solve these pain points in 2022? The first step is your payroll software. Using a cloud-based platform to manage employees in every country gives you real-time access to employee data, payroll, and aggregated reporting across all countries and currencies. With integrated compliance tools you can ensure your organization is adhering to statutory requirements in each country and automated updates keep your organization ahead of any changes each year.

Blue Marble has focused on solving pain points in the global payroll industry, with a cloud-based payroll platform to manage employees across 150+ countries. Our aggregated, customized reporting tool allows you to create reports for one country or for all of your countries to view payroll in real-time. We have a team of in-country experts to help with compliance in each country so you don’t have to worry about new changes each year. Talk to our team about simplifying payroll in 2022 – we make it easy. Click here to get started