Acquisitions overseas can disrupt your global payroll and operations – especially if your current systems in place can’t keep up or scale as you grow. One of my clients in the manufacturing industry recently made acquisitions in several countries and needed guidance on international compliance, entity establishment and payroll.

Their current software had severe capability and integration limitations, so they knew they had to change what they were using to process payroll in order to bring on new employees in new countries. They needed to identify what was needed in each country before considering the payroll aspect of the acquisition. Once they determined they needed to establish entities in the new countries and appoint Directors in some cases, they enlisted Blue Marble to help.

Compliance was a major concern, so ensuring they had the right entities in place was the first step before tackling the payroll operations. Their current provider did not have international capabilities, and did not have integration partners they could work with. They had a tight timeline for payroll implementation, as they had employees in each country that needed to be paid on time and in compliance with in-country requirements. They began using Paylocity for US payroll and the integration with Blue Marble allowed them to use one platform for employee payroll across all countries. Our consulting services team helped them register in new countries, hire corporate Directors in certain locations, and ensure HR compliance for their new employees.

This client was able to get payroll up and running for their new employees across 6 countries and ensure compliance for their organization at the same time. As they continue their business growth with new acquisitions, they can easily integrate and rollout new countries quickly using our global payroll platform. Global payroll doesn’t have to be complicated if you have the right tools and resources in place. If you have payroll challenges across multiple countries, talk to our team – we can help simplify and streamline your operations! Click here to learn more