Companies find global payroll challenging due to many factors including unique payroll and compliance regulations in each country. When you have employees across multiple countries, the complexity grows. One of our clients was facing challenges managing multiple systems across 5 countries including the US, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. They needed to consolidate systems and integrate their payroll across all countries and currencies.

This client reviewed many options in the market, but found that the Blue Marble global payroll platform, along with the Paylocity platform for US payroll allowed them to manage all of their employees on one platform, create customized reporting across all countries, and also provides automated updates to in-country regulations.

Using Paylocity for US payroll and global HR, plus Blue Marble for locations outside of the US, they created a global technology infrastructure that could function efficiently and effectively for their global operations today, and as they grow in the future. As phase 1 of their project, they implemented Paylocity for US payroll and HR, and will implement global payroll as phase 2. These new systems working together will allow for global visibility, reporting, and provide real-time data across the organization.

If your company is struggling with global payroll, it would be beneficial to do a quick audit of your process. What is holding you back? What is causing issues each month? Identifying the issues can lead to informed solutions, a better process, and seamless compliant payroll for your global organization. To learn more about Blue Marble solutions, click here